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Animal Reiki - Reiki for Animals

Animal Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual practice conduct in Japanese; it works effectively and efficiently based on meditation with a therapeutic application. This unique take of healing enables humans to offer support to their animals. Techniques educate the practitioners on how to encourage their entire animals during their difficult moments with managing the outcome, worries, judgments, and peaceful acceptance. Most of the time, animal Reiki is considered spiritual energy, and this is usually achieved well through the innermost soul of a human. The primary goal of animal Reiki is to enable them to live a healthier and happy life. This article will keep you more informed on animal Reiki.

What is animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki is giving Reiki to animals. However, it involves more than you applying human Reiki skills and knowledge. Bear in mind that animals cannot communicate with you, in the same manner as your fellow humans. Furthermore, it is not easy to understand animals’ actions and communications. With humans, the Reiki has been able to be of advantage to animals, especially with emotional, mental, and physical issues.

On the other hand, this complimentary holistic therapy is likely to be of great help to animals with behavioral issues, such as influence or emotional basis. Most practitioners for Reiki like animals, and they probably offer Reiki to them. However, many of them guarantee animal Reiki to their animals, families, and friends, where they are familiar with the animals. Some of these practitioners offer Reiki free of charge to their residents in animal sanctuaries and rescues plus other professional duties on payment. Nothing is exciting like Reiki practitioners feeling and seeing the animal willing to be in their hands for complete care. This shows that the animals wish to get sufficient energy healing, and later it will be able to express its gratitude. You can tell from the animals’ owner response or from the animal itself, thus enhancing growth in terms of natural healing.

Therefore, animal Reiki is growing popular as a therapy that is complementary in its way but with some additional specific training granted for whoever wishes to work as an expert with animals. Through this, you will be able to be identified by a Reiki Council member organization Plus the UK Reiki Federation as a practitioner member of Animal Reiki.

Why should you give Reiki to animals?

Animals can be ill from either healthy conditions as well as physical illness. Sometimes they might have severe injuries, or they might be needing surgery. Note that when animals age, they are likely to experience pains and aches frequently. Moreover, emotional and mental health issues are popular conditions too, which later can lead to behavioral issues. Offering Reiki is neither a cure that is magic nor a conventional veterinary alternative care. It is a calm therapy that is natural that has the potential to support the process of self-healing in animals’ natural body. Moreover, it is a practice that has been able to be liked by several animals. Below are some few reasons Reiki is offered to animals:

  • It supports and complements conventional veterinary care.
  • It needs no technology or equipment.
  • The animals are under care all the time.
  • There is no disruption to your animals; you can apply animal Reiki anywhere.
  • It is so comfy, so it benefits in post-op or pre-treatment.


Based on the information in this article, you now have a clear understanding of animal Reiki. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement the above information to be able to apply animal Reiki effectively and efficiently. I hope that this article will keep you informed to better understand animal Reiki.