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Reiki for Pets - Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Pets

Reiki healing is also called energy healing. The word Reiki is from two Japanese words. That is “rei,” which means God’s wisdom and “ki,” which means life force. Reiki is not associated with any religion or any massage. It is a spiritual art which uses energy which flows through living things.

Practitioners of Reiki believe that reiki energy is transferable from one person to another. This energy application is to heal or strengthen a person or even a pet and involves the transfer of energy through laying of hands. Reiki is a form of therapy. It is believed to treat various conditions and emotional status. It also helps reduce pain. Reiki energy transfer can also be performed on pets. The reason is that pets, just like people, go through emotional traumas and also pain.

Reiki for home pets involves placing your hands near your animal; it helps to transmit life force energy to the animal’s body. Reiki for home pets is maybe very beneficial. Some of the benefits of Reiki for home pets include;

1)Reiki for home pets helps to build a stronger bond between the pet and the owner.

It is important for homeowners to have that strong connection with their pets. It can be achieved through reiki healing, which involves laying of hands between the owner and pet. It helps to create a strong bond between them because of the energy transfer. It also helps the owner to spend some quality time with his or her pet, helping to strengthen the relationship.

2) Getting pets through hardships.

The truth is that animals feel they go through painful traumas, depression, etc. A good example is when a pet loses its homeowner to death or when the animals’ young one dies. The animal will likely go through a period of depression. For one to help his pet to deal with such issues, one should practice reiki energy therapy on his pet to help one to transfer positive energy to the pet.

3)Relieving aches and pains.

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that is believed to heal. Healing is achieved through energy transfer. This done by laying hands on the affected area. It has not been proven scientifically, but Reiki is believed to be a pain reliever. In the states, it is even offered in hospitals to patients who go through body pains. Therefore, if your pet has been going through pain, reiki energy therapy can be beneficial in relieving the pain.

4)Helps in supplementing medical treatments.

Reiki for home pets helps in supplementing medical treatments. There are many medical treatments, like chemotherapy. These medical treatments are sometimes very tough on an animal’s body; hence many pet owners today prefer to offer Reiki for pets as a supplement. It helps to strengthen an animal’s body. It also helps the animal’s body to cope with the harsh medical treatments.

5)Transfer of positive energy.

Reiki for home pets is very beneficial. It helps to transfer positive energy like kindness, happiness, love, healing from the owner to pets. It is a beautiful thing knowing that one can be able to share positive energy with his pet.

6)Producing a calm effect. Reiki for home pets helps to calm the pet as it helps in relieving stress and anxiety, which the pet is maybe succumbing to. Sometimes pets become restless. One is not able to identify what the issue might be. Reiki therapy comes in handy in such situations.